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Calm Blend Home Bundle

Calm Blend Home Bundle

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It’s what’s inside that counts.

Calm Blend was specifically formulated and designed to target the chemical imbalances that cause stress and anxiety - Each ingredient carefully chosen based on its unique characteristics and how it interacts with the neurotransmitters to help relieve stress and anxiety. Thanks to some of these interactions with the serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, and GABA neurotransmitters, Calm Blend efficiently and effectively helps manage stress and anxiety.



Studies have shown that lavender aromatherapy may help to calm anxiety through its actions on the limbic system, the area of the brain that regulates our emotions*.


Traditionally, vetiver oil has been used to help induce relaxation and soothe emotional stress, ease panic attacks, trauma, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria and even depression.


According a studies, cedarwood oil may have the ability to relax the mind and positively affect the mood*.


You'll often find Bergamot in Earl Grey tea due to its natural calming effect. It’s often used to treat depression and helps with energy; however, it can also help improve sleep, improve relaxation and calm the mood.


Lime oil has been shown to help improve mental clarity and reduce stress. Lime essential oil has a stimulating aroma. It can calm the mind, enhance your focus, and bring joy and peace to your day.


Marjoram calms the nervous system and soothes the symptoms of anxiety. Marjoram has also been shown to help with blood sugar control. Stable blood sugar is critical to brain health and marjoram helps improve insulin signaling and tolerance.


If you’re familiar with essential oils then you’re probably aware of the fact that they must be diluted with a carrier oil before they’re applied to the skin. We chose coconut oil due to its pleasant scent and soothing aroma.

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See all reviews
Calm Blend is great for anybody suffering from mild to severe stress and anxiety. It helps provide relief where other anxiety relief methods fall short and provides the support you need to combat life's daily stressors. Whether you are looking to overcome chronic anxiety or just day to day stress, Calm Blend provides support when you need it most. Thanks to being formulated from 100% natural essential oils, Calm Blend is suitable for all ages. Children, pregnant or nursing women should seek professional medical advice before using this or any other essential oil.
Many different factors can influence how Calm Blend affects you. These include how you apply it, the consistency of your routine, and the severity of your stress prior to starting Calm Blend. Some customers notice improvements as soon as the first application, and for others it can take as long as a few weeks of regular use. We're all different, so our bodies will react uniquely to Calm Blend.
Calm Blend's fans praise its pleasant, subtle smell and we've spent years perfecting the scent. Calm Blend's aroma is lavender forward, and picks up some of its smell from the other essential oils in the blend including coconut, lime, and bergamot - all without artificial scents or additives. No compromises.
Calm Blend is the original essential oil blend for stress & anxiety relief. The science and quality behind the ingredients in Calm Blend gives us the confidence to say Calm Blend is not only effective, but it is the most convenient anxiety relief you will come across, period. Each of the ingredients in Calm Blend were hand-selected and intentionally picked to provide the most cohesive formula where each ingredient works in conjunction with the whole formula, while also optimizing its own function.
Himalayan Health takes a no-compromises approach to formulation and product quality. Calm Blend is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant facility, as well as recognized by UDAF and is certified organic by the USDA and CCOF. We maintain rigorous independent audits of our manufacturing facility, as well as extensive testing to verify product formulation and purity. Additionally, each step of our manufacturing & order processing takes place right here in the United States.
Calm Blend works directly out of the bottle! Simply rub the roller bottle on any pressure point. Some like to apply to their inner wrists or back of neck, others roll it on their temples or even bottom of their feet. There are a handful of ways to integrate Calm Blend into your day, so it is best to try a few spots to see which is most effective for you individually!
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