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“Whether I imagine it or not the Calming Blend works for me. A recent road trip was stressful I used the blend at night and in the car. Thank you!”


“Calm Blend is perfect for easing stress. Works quick and smells great ! Highly recommend”

Summer C.

“It works and easy to use. Thank you!”

Annette B.

“I'm amazed how much this oil calms my anxiety. Great product”

Sandie E.

More-in-one relief

Calm Blend is designed to target the chemical imbalances that cause stress and anxiety - Each ingredient carefully chosen based on its unique characteristics and how it interacts with our body’s neurotransmitters.*

Simply put, it’s a way to reduce stress and anxiety with an all-natural formula.



— Lavendula (Lavender Extract)

— Chysopogon Zizanioides (Vetiver Extract)

— Cedrus (Cedarwood Extract)

— Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot Extract)

— Citrus Aurantiifolia (Lime Extract)

— Origanum Majorana (Marjoram Extract)

— Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Extract)


Science-driven anxiety relief


Applied topically on any pressure point


All natural ingredients your body can absorb


Trusted by leading doctors and scientists


Tested for purity


Continuously improved since 2017

Here’s how Calm Blend works


Grab Calm Blend the moment you feel stress or anxiety approaching


Apply the easy-to-use Roll On topically on any pressure point


Breathe and relax, you will feel the effects within 30 minutes


Enjoy the relief this powerful blend of essential oils provides


Whats Inside

  • Lavendula (Lavender Extract)
  • Cedrus (Cedar Extract)
  • Chysopogon Zizanioides (Vetiver Extract)
  • Citrus Aurantiifolia (Lime Extract)
  • Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot Extract)
  • Cocous Nucifera (Coconut Extract)
  • Origanum Majorana (Marjoram Extract

Fast relief in one simple roll

Thanks to powerful anti-anxiety characteristics found in specific plant extracts, anxiety relief is now possible in an all-natural form, meaning no addictive medications, no restrictions on how often you can use, and no prescription needed!

Full Ingredient List

Lavendula (Lavender Extract)

Studies have shown that lavender aromatherapy may help to calm anxiety through its actions on the limbic system, the area of the brain that regulates our emotions*.

Lavendula (Lavender Extract)

In 2013, a study published by the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice Trusted Source

S;, Kasper. “An Orally Administered Lavandula Oil Preparation (Silexan) for Anxiety Disorder and Related Conditions: An Evidence Based Review.” International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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found that lavender essential oil also has the potential to alleviate anxiety, sleep disturbances and depression.

The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology Trusted Source

Kasper S;Gastpar M;Müller WE;Volz HP;Möller HJ;Schläfke S;Dienel A; “Lavender Oil Preparation Silexan Is Effective in Generalized Anxiety Disorder--a Randomized, Double-Blind Comparison to Placebo and Paroxetine.” The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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published a human study that revealed that a lavender oil preparation was more effective against generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) than placebos and a popular prescription medicine.

Another study looked at women suffering from postpartum depression and found that the use of lavender oil in a diffuser led to a significant reduction of depression and reduction in anxiety... Trusted Source

C;, Conrad P;Adams. “The Effects of Clinical Aromatherapy for Anxiety and Depression in the High Risk Postpartum Woman - a Pilot Study.” Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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Lavender oil has also been shown to help ease the symptoms associated with PTSD and dramatically decrease sleep disturbances, moodiness, and improve overall health. Trusted Source

Uehleke B;Schaper S;Dienel A;Schlaefke S;Stange R; “Phase II Trial on the Effects of Silexan in Patients with Neurasthenia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Somatization Disorder.” Phytomedicine : International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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Cedrus (Cedarwood Extract)

According a studies, cedarwood oil may have the ability to relax the mind and positively affect the mood*.

Cedrus (Cedarwood Extract)

According to a study reported in Physiology and Behavior Trusted Source

L;, Zhang K;Yao. “The Anxiolytic Effect of Juniperus Virginiana l. Essential Oil and Determination of Its Active Constituents.” Physiology & Behavior, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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cedarwood oil may have the ability to relax the mind and positively affect the mood suggesting that it could be very helpful in soothing anxiety, and lowering stress.

In a separate study researchers found that cedarwood oil acts as a mild to moderate sedative too. Trusted Source

Kagawa D;Jokura H;Ochiai R;Tokimitsu I;Tsubone H; “The Sedative Effects and Mechanism of Action of CEDROL Inhalation with Behavioral Pharmacological Evaluation.” Planta Medica, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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, which is why cedarwood essential oil is so often used for sleep troubles.

In a study performed at Brigham Young University Trusted Source

“ADHD Research by Terry S. Friedmann, M. D. (Adobe).” Scribd, Scribd,

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researchers found that using cedarwood oil could greatly improve their focus and learning capacity.

Researchers also found that both vetiver and cedarwood oil helped improve brain activity and reduced the ADHD symptoms.


Chysopogon Zizanioides (Vetiver Extract)

Vetiver oil is native to India and has been a staple of traditional medicine in South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa for centuries.

Chysopogon Zizanioides (Vetiver Extract)

Traditionally, vetiver oil has been used to help induce relaxation and soothe emotional stress, ease panic attacks, trauma, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria and even depression.

A 2015 study looked at vetiver oil to determine if it could help with anxiety and had any influence on the actions of the amygdala. Trusted Source

P;, Saiyudthong S;Pongmayteegul S;Marsden CA;Phansuwan-Pujito. “Anxiety-like Behaviour and c-Fos Expression in Rats That Inhaled Vetiver Essential Oil.” Natural Product Research, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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The amygdala is the area of your limbic system responsible for many of the symptoms associated with anxiety due to the fact that it’s responsible for the perception and results of emotions, such as changes in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

In fact, during the study researchers discovered that vetiver oil altered the brain's perception and response to stress.


Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot Extract)

You'll often find Bergamot in Earl Grey tea due to its natural calming effect. It’s often used to treat depression and helps with energy; however, it can also help improve sleep, improve relaxation and calm the mood.

Citrus Bergamia (Bergamot Extract)

According to several studies performed both on animals and in human trials bergamot has been shown to help relieve the symptoms associated with anxiety while improving mood. Trusted Source

Navarra, Michele, et al. “Citrus Bergamia Essential Oil: From Basic Research to Clinical Application.” Frontiers in Pharmacology, Frontiers Media S.A., 2 Mar. 2015,

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Studies have also shown that bergamot can reduce cortisol levels that normally go up in response to stress. Trusted Source

CA;, Saiyudthong S;Marsden. “Acute Effects of Bergamot Oil on Anxiety-Related Behaviour and Corticosterone Level in Rats.” Phytotherapy Research : PTR, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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One study also suggested that applying blended essential oil that includes lavender and bergamot to participants helps in treating depression or anxiety. And when compared to a placebo group, blended essential oil caused significant reduction in both blood pressure and pulse rate, and test subjects using the essential oils rated themselves as “more calm” and “more relaxed” than the control group. Trusted Source

T;, Hongratanaworakit. “Aroma-Therapeutic Effects of Massage Blended Essential Oils on Humans.” Natural Product Communications, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

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Continuously Improved.

In a single-arm study


of customers felt less anxious after 30 minutes*


noticed less daily stress after 30 days*

In an internal research poll conducted on customers assessing the self-perceived efficacy of Calm Blend over 90 days.

Targeted, on-the-go aromatherapy

Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) are responsible for our well-being, happiness, sleep cycle, feelings of pleasure and motivation as well as our fight or flight response. These neurotransmitters send signals to our nervous system to control the release of various hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. When working properly, our bodies produce the correct levels of these hormones. But when any of these neurotransmitters are out of balance our bodies cope by producing excess hormones leading to a natural physical response – stress and anxiety.

While most traditional methods for fighting stress and anxiety work by slowing down the nervous system (therefore causing unwanted side effects), we wanted to take a step back and look at the root cause of stress and anxiety – the neurotransmitters that are out of balance.

Amazingly, things as simple as vitamin, nutrient, or mineral deficiencies can throw these neurotransmitters out of balance causing our everyday stress and anxiety.


Obsessively curated product


Minutes for relief


Ingredients chosen for maximum impact


Of batches tested for potency

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Stress Free Guarantee

Simply put, we want you to find relief that works for you and we are here for you every step of the way - from producing our products only with high-quality ingredients, to providing you with tips and tricks to help your journey to an anxiety-free lifestyle.

We want everyone to find stres relief. If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.


Neuroscientist, Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast, AG1 Partner


Verified 5-star reviews

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Calm Blend is great for anybody suffering from mild to severe stress and anxiety. It helps provide relief where other anxiety relief methods fall short and provides the support you need to combat life's daily stressors. Whether you are looking to overcome chronic anxiety or just day to day stress, Calm Blend provides support when you need it most. Thanks to being formulated from 100% natural essential oils, Calm Blend is suitable for all ages. Children, pregnant or nursing women should seek professional medical advice before using this or any other essential oil.
Many different factors can influence how Calm Blend affects you. These include how you apply it, the consistency of your routine, and the severity of your stress prior to starting Calm Blend. Some customers notice improvements as soon as the first application, and for others it can take as long as a few weeks of regular use. We're all different, so our bodies will react uniquely to Calm Blend.
Calm Blend's fans praise its pleasant, subtle smell and we've spent years perfecting the scent. Calm Blend's aroma is lavender forward, and picks up some of its smell from the other essential oils in the blend including coconut, lime, and bergamot - all without artificial scents or additives. No compromises.
Calm Blend is the original essential oil blend for stress & anxiety relief. The science and quality behind the ingredients in Calm Blend gives us the confidence to say Calm Blend is not only effective, but it is the most convenient anxiety relief you will come across, period. Each of the ingredients in Calm Blend were hand-selected and intentionally picked to provide the most cohesive formula where each ingredient works in conjunction with the whole formula, while also optimizing its own function.
Himalayan Health takes a no-compromises approach to formulation and product quality. Calm Blend is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant facility, as well as recognized by UDAF and is certified organic by the USDA and CCOF. We maintain rigorous independent audits of our manufacturing facility, as well as extensive testing to verify product formulation and purity. Additionally, each step of our manufacturing & order processing takes place right here in the United States.
Calm Blend works directly out of the bottle! Simply rub the roller bottle on any pressure point. Some like to apply to their inner wrists or back of neck, others roll it on their temples or even bottom of their feet. There are a handful of ways to integrate Calm Blend into your day, so it is best to try a few spots to see which is most effective for you individually!
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