Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Calm Blend For?

Calm Blend is for anybody suffering from mild to severe stress and anxiety. Because Calm Blend is made using all natural ingredients, it is completely safe to use for everybody. While Calm Blend has no known side effects, it is always best to consult your doctor before introducing a new supplement or oil into your routine, especially if pregnant or before using with children.

How Quick Does It Work?

Calm Blend is specifically designed to work quickly, because we know how important it is to get relief right away when you need it most. Most users have reported Calm Blend effectively reducing their stress and anxiety levels within 30 minutes of use, however that is dependent on delivery method. For the quickest relief we recommend application via diffusion or topical use.

As with anything, consistency is the key to really reap the full benefits. Each bottle is specifically designed for one month of use (approximately 10 drops per day) - if you're running out before 30 days, or have excess left in the bottle after 30 days try to adjust your usage accordingly. Users see the biggest benefits using about 10 drops per day.

How Do I Use Calm Blend?

Calm Blend is incredibly easy and discreet to use! The two most effective ways to use are diffusion and applying topically. To diffuse, simply add 5-8 drops to a diffuser with water and run for at least 30 minutes. For topical use, rub 5-8 drops of Calm Blend on any pulse point (inner wrists, back of neck, temples, etc).

Do I Need A Prescription?

No! Calm Blend was specifically designed to not require a prescription unlike many other stress and anxiety remedies. Every ingredient in Calm Blend is 100% natural and backed by numerous studies showing relief for stress and anxiety. But just because Calm Blend does not require a prescription does not mean it is not powerful enough to provide relief! Each ingredient was carefully chosen to help relieve stress and anxiety and along with being all natural, Calm Blend is produced with 100% pure therapeutic grade ingredients.

What's Your Return Policy?

Our return policy is simple and hassle free. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may return any unopened bottles within 60 days. No questions asked!