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We want everyone
to find relief.

For anxious people,
by anxious people

When we set out to develop our line of stress relief products at Himalayan Health, we wanted to create something simple, natural, and backed by science. We challenged ourselves and science to reimagine anxiety relief. The result? Everything we think anxiety relief should be.

Focus on natural

For us, remagining anxiety relief was about reducing the terrible side effects caused by commonly prescribed anxiety medications. We worked endlessly to find the right team of partners and manufacturers that lived up to our standards.

Finding relief shouldn’t mean spending a fortune or putting up with unwanted side effects. With each of our products we strive to find effective plant-based solutions without the unwanted side effects, all while keeping our products more affordable than pharmaceutical competitors.

Our philosophy

When we think about designing products, we try to tap into things that are natural - things that have helped people for hundreds of years, well before medications did - and we think we found great solutions in our family of products.

The question now isn't "what can we do to find relief?" We know our family of products work - we use them ourselves every day. The question now is "how many people can we help find relief?"

Relief. For us thats what it is all about. And we're confident you can find your relief as well with Himalayan Health.

Created by someone who had enough
of dealing with anxiety every day.

For almost as long as I can remember anxiety has been a part of my daily life. At one point about 15 years ago, it got to the point where it was interfering with life, and in my search for relief I came across medication after medication that just made me feel like a zombie - it took away some of the anxiety, but it also took away the emotion from the good things in my life. I turned to over the counter supplements but found questionable ingredients. I could not find a brand I trusted, so I decided to build my own.

We founded Himalayan Health with the belief that you can find relief without sacrificing your health or mental state. With our products, you'll know exactly where the ingredients come from and why they are included. We firmly believe that level of transparency is important, especially with all-natural products.

I'm excited for you to take the first steps in a different approach to anxiety with us.

Alex Zagrodnik


A portfolio of natural, at-home solutions that use targeted aromatherapy to help regulate chemical imbalances that cause stress & anxiety.

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Designed to alleviate stress & anxiety caused by common deficiences in our bodies, these all-natural supplements provide better overall health.

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