Do These 5 Things If You Have A Panic Attack In Public

Do These 5 Things If You Have A Panic Attack In Public

Panic attacks happen to many people, but they no longer need to lead to an immediate shutdown of your day.

As we continue to be educated about how panic attacks occur, we also learn new ways to cope with them. If you find yourself suddenly experiencing a panic attack in public, follow one or more of these five things to help calm you down. And be sure to see your doctor as soon as possible to learn more about coping with public panic attacks.

Remain Where You Are

When you feel a panic attack occurring, remain where you are, instead of rushing home. Try to drink a soothing beverage or have a quick snack to raise your blood sugar level. You can even try the healing power of meditation.

Find a Safe Space

If you must leave your immediate surroundings due to a panic attack, find a safe space away from all of the various stimuli. Go outside for some fresh air and slowly take deep breaths as you calm down. If you have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, put them on and take those slow and deep breaths.

Use Your Home Methods

Suffering a panic attack in public doesn’t mean you can’t use any of your calming methods from home. For example, you can repeat your coping statements or focus on your breathing. There are mobile apps that can help you relax as well.

Ask Someone For Help

There should be no shame in suffering from a panic attack in public. Likewise, you should not feel ashamed by asking for help. If you feel like you can’t handle one by yourself, asking somebody for help may be your only option. It’s best to explain what you’re experiencing and what type of assistance you need. Better yet, have a card with instructions on what type of help you need; if you suffer a panic attack, you can simply give this card to someone when you need help.

Use Your Emergency Calming Kit

Like having a card already filled out with instructions for getting help, keeping an emergency “calming” kit handy can help you during a panic attack. Essential oils, mints, handwritten coping statements, and other items go a long way to getting you back to a relaxed state of mind.

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