6 Foods That Are Beneficial For Getting Sleep

6 Foods That Are Beneficial For Getting Sleep

When it comes to getting shut eye, there are nights when it can be a tall task. If those sleeping aids aren’t helping you out, you can find solace in the kitchen. Here are six foods that can help you go to sleep in a quicker pace.


Everyone knows the Thanksgiving myth about turkeys causing you to feel sleepy. This meal delivers the most important component for a good night’s rest: tryptophan. This amino acid transforms into serotonin, which is common with sleepiness. Eat a few slices (heated or cold) before you sleep.

Passionflower Tea

Founded in the 15th century, passionflower tea’s effect on sleep stems from apigenin. Discovered in plants, this natural product makes your brain feel calmer. This drink is perfect if you’re having anxiety problems preventing you from sleeping.


While it might feel peculiar eating oatmeal before bedtime, its benefits are prominent. Oatmeal is filled with melatonin, which aids in sleeping. If you need to increase the dosage, place some banana slices in the bowl.


If you’re not looking to heat anything up, get a bag of almonds. This snack is packed with the sleep-inducing magnesium. Aside from your slumber, almonds defend you from heart disease and high blood sugar levels.


In a study by the U.S.D.A.’s Agricultural Research Service, cherries have a lasting effect on sleep. “Effect on sleep could be detected within 3 days of consuming sweet cherries (141 g or 25 cherries/day) and within 5 d of consuming tart cherries (240 mL of tart cherry juice; approximately 100 cherries/day),” researcher Darshan S. Kelley said in a statement.

Barley Grass Powder

While every other food on this list can be consumed whole, barley grass powder delivers a different scenario. You can mix this in soups, shakes, or a plain glass or water. This powder is filled with sleep-inducing components such as tryptophan and magnesium.
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