5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Naturally

5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Naturally

In our increasingly fast-paced modern world, anxiety and chronic stress have become common, household conditions. While plenty of prescriptions and medication are available, people are now seeking to explore natural remedies to boost their moods.


Cannabidiol or, CBD, oil, a derivative of the marijuana plant, seems to be all the rage lately as people seek out natural alternatives to help with anxiety and pain relief. Unlike marijuana, it’s deprived of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, therefore giving you all the benefits of marijuana without the “high.”

CBD oil can be used topically, in beauty products, creams or oils or ingested, all easily accessible without a prescription.

2. Aromatherapy

Another natural remedy trending in popularity is essential oils. While all oils are claimed to have their own unique benefits, there are a few in particular especially well-known for reducing anxiety and stress. Most commonly, lavender oil.

To benefit from essential oils, you can apply a few drops mixed with a carrier oil (such as coconut oil) to your forehead, neck or wrist. You might also try to add a few drops to a wet towel and to put on your forehead before bed.

3. Exercise

It’s no secret, exercise has time and time again been proven to be one of the most effective natural treatments for managing stress, anxiety and our overall well-being.

4. Meditation

There are countless ways to meditate, from meditating during yoga to practicing breathwork techniques or incorporating more mindfulness into your daily life. It’s one of the simplest, most effective ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

5. Journaling

For some, the best way to get anxious thoughts out is to write them down. Practice ‘brain dumps’ in the morning or evening to release anything and everything that comes to mind.

Which remedy should you try? Explore a few different remedies or a combination of to find which one works best for you!

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