How A Complete And Total "Freak Out" In The Middle Of A Crowded Restaurant Led One Man To Discover The "Anxiety Killer"...

Allowing Him To Win His Battle Against Crippling Panic Attacks For Good

The entire restaurant watched in horror as the paramedics carried my limp and lifeless body out on a stretcher...

Just moments earlier they watched as I experienced a complete and utter freak out...suffering a melt down right in the middle of my family's celebration...

Hi, I'm Alex Zagrodnik,

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to share a terribly humiliating true story about the time I had a crippling anxiety attack right in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

It was the moment I came face-to-face with the lie I had been living.

And that night everyone could see it.

Truthfully, it was hard to miss…

The entire restaurant watched in horror as the paramedics rushed to my table.

Before I knew it they had slipped a mask over my face and an EMT started pumping life giving oxygen into my lungs, they ran an IV, strapped me to a stretcher and carried me away.

It was the most embarrassing moment of my life and after that night I simply couldn’t keep lying to myself or to my family anymore.

That Night
My Secret Was FINALLY Exposed...

That Night
My Secret Was
FINALLY Exposed...

A secret I’d ben carrying around with me since childhood.

You see, as far back as I can remember...I’ve been living a double life. Sure, there were times when I was able to hide it.

But sometimes it did get the best of the time I was forced to quit business school at the University of Minnesota.

Try as I might, the fear, stress and worry was just too much.

In spite of episodes like that, in between I acted as normal as possible and to the outside world I seemed happy and well adjusted...a man in complete control of his life. I was a successful business owner, a devoted husband and a loving son as far as everyone around me could tell I was…

...the epitome of self confidence.

But on the inside?

# #
Nobody should have to suffer through this...

I was a complete and utter train wreck. Crippled with anxiety and shackled by severe and unrelenting panic attacks.

Panic attacks that would at times leave me shuttered inside of my house, a prisoner of my own mind locked away in solitary confinement.

Somehow through the years, I had learned how to hide it, most of the time.

My wife knew I had a little social anxiety now and then, but she had no idea it was THIS bad.

That night, there was simply no way to hide it.

And while it WAS extremely embarrassing and it DID cause my family and friends a lot of worry and stress. I wouldn’t change a thing, because the events of that night sparked…

A Desperate Struggle To Overcome My Anxiety That Led To The
Rediscovery Of An Incredibly, Unusual, Yet Ancient Secret...
That Anyone Can Use To
Stop Fear And Panic Dead In Its Tracks

A Desperate Struggle To Overcome My Anxiety That Led To The
Rediscovery Of An Incredibly, Unusual, Yet Ancient Secret...
That Anyone Can Use To
Stop Fear And
Panic Dead In Its

See, not long ago my wife and I joined my family at my fathers favorite steak house to celebrate his birthday.

My mom had arranged a get together at Bern’s Steak House and she’d invited a few family members and some of their closest friends to help celebrate.

For the next hour or so we ordered drinks and sat around the table catching up. We were laughing and having a great time. After a few rounds I needed to visit the mens room, so I excused myself and headed to where I thought the restrooms were.

Now even though I’d been there on at least one or two occasions through the had been awhile…

So I got turned around and somehow forgot where the bathroom was.


Now this particular steakhouse is one of those BIG places with lots of dark, private rooms, hallways and seating areas.

And that night IT WAS packed.

I kept making wrong turns and each time I did I felt like people were looking at me and wondering if I was some sort of creep.

I could hear them whispering and laughing...

I just knew they were talking about me

I looked like some sort of degenerate who’d had too much to drink, stumbling around from room to room looking for the bathroom.

Eventually I did find it but when I did both urinals were taken.

I grabbed the handle to the first stall and it was locked, the second stall opened but then a man abruptly turned around and said “hey, I’m in here!”...

After finally finding an empty stall and finishing my business I stood there in front of the sink and took a deep breath while splashing water on my face.

I tried to calm myself down, but it wasn’t working.

Eventually, I made it back to the table, with that sense of uneasiness and frustration still bubbling up inside.

As I sat back down, I realized that everyone else had already ordered and I hadn’t even looked at the menu. They were all looking at me and I could tell the waiter was becoming impatient.

That Anxious Feeling Started To Amplify

I could feel my chest tightening and it became harder and harder to breathe.

The walls felt as if they were closing in on me and regardless of how much I tried to focus on the menu, or remind myself that everything was ok…

That feeling continued to bubble up inside, like a volcano moments before it erupts...

My hands were getting clammy, my stomach started to turn and I broke out into a cold sweat….

Then came the feeling of "I just needed to get out of here..."

And just like a tiny match has the potential to ignite a full blown forest fire... That spark of anxiety triggered a full blown panic attack.

And All I Could Think About Was How To ESCAPE!

Up to that point I had been so good at avoiding crowds and stressful situations throughout most of my life. But I couldn’t miss my dad's 65th birthday.

And now I was about ready to go into FULL panic mode...

… and everyone around me was about to see the real me.

My aunts and uncles…

My parents' closest friends...

...even my niece’s and nephew’s who’ve always looked up to me.

Look, I’ve been dealing with panic attacks all my life…

But This One Felt Different

But This One
Felt Different

I began to hyperventilate

My heart started racing

I broke out in a sweat

Pressure began building in my chest

I felt a griping sensation around my throat

Then my whole body began to shake

Now just to be clear...I’m only in my thirties…

But at that moment, I thought I was having a full blown heart attack, which as you can imagine only made things worse.

I tried to remember everything I’d ever read or been told about panic attacks. Over the years I had skimmed the surface, looking for ways to calm myself. And instead of dealing with it head on I’d make excuses.

If I was out to dinner, the movies or at a local hangout and felt a bit anxious I'd just blame it on crowds and say that's normal…

If I couldn't sleep because my mind was racing thinking about all the things I had to do the next day, the looming deadlines or an upcoming meeting I'd tell myself everyone worries about that kind of stuff, it isn’t just me...

Or when I DID have a full blown panic attack, I'd justify it by saying it was just one instance, one panic attack isn't that bad. It happens to a lot of people...especially when you’re out of your element, someone puts you on the spot or you’re forced outside of your comfort zone…

The only problem?

…Up Until That Night I Just Didn’t Know How Small My
Comfort Zone Had Actually Become.

…Up Until That
Night I Just Didn’t Know How Small My
Comfort Zone Had Actually Become.

For years I just tried to ignore my anxiety. And I avoided situations that I knew made me feel uncomfortable, increased my stress and triggered my panic attacks.

But as anyone who suffers from anxiety can tell you…

Life has a funny way of surprising us when we least expect it. And unless you hide in your basement or find yourself deserted on some tropical island (although that would probably cause me anxiety) you’re going to have experiences and be put into situations that make you feel uneasy.

And when you live with anxiety like I did...everytime life gets the best of you, you have a tendency to beat yourself up…we start to think that we have some kind of defect and that only adds to the problem.

The ambulance ride was pure chaos as the paramedics worked feverishly to stabilize my vital signs as my brain tried to make sense of what was happening.

Over the next few minutes, I went from being panicked and afraid to just being extremely embarrassed. I silently wondered what REAL emergency I was possibly keeping them from.

I went from being angry at my mom for putting me in that situation and my wife for making me go. Too sorry and ashamed that I hadn’t told either one of them the truth. Now that my panic attack was over, my thoughts became more clear.

As we drove home from the hospital I jokingly said to my wife…

“Well, at least we know it wasn’t a heart attack”...


That’s when she started to cry. Her voice quivered and her body shook as she started to speak. She began to apologize for ever making me do anything that caused me stress. And she told me how scared she was and how my mom was worried sick. I felt terrible. It wasn’t her or my mom's was MINE. I was sad and ashamed. And in that moment, I decided to do something about it…

I was going to find a way to fight back against my
crippling anxiety for good... So that I could finally live
my life without the limitations of fear, worry, stress
and anxiety.

I was going to
find a way to fight back against my
crippling anxiety for good... So that I could finally live
my life without
the limitations of fear, worry, stress
and anxiety.

And today, I’m going to share my discovery with you by
blowing the lid off of the traditional treatments for anxiety and
clear up the misconceptions most people have around it.

That way instead of being a prisoner to your anxiety...

You can defeat it...once and for all.

But before I do that…

Let me first start by asking you a question.

Do you get frustrated by all of the so-called solutions that promise to end your anxiety?

Are you tired of everyone out there who teaches people how to live with anxiety and not really how to end it?

All the books and courses out there regurgitating the same old talking points and the same outdated strategies...

Breathe deeply and try to take your mind off of whatever it is that’s triggering you. Think positive and happy thoughts as you patiently wait for the anxiety to pass.

Well you and I both know that while deep breathing and distraction techniques can work…

In the middle of a full-blown panic attack, stress or periods of high anxiety they simply don’t work fast enough.

It can be like locking your door at night after the burglar is already inside.


My brain started to associate the breathing pattern with anxiety. Almost like Pavlov's dogs except in my case the breathing exercises became my dinner bell and instead of calming or soothing my nerves like they were supposed to...they actually ramped up my anxiety and made things worse.

Truth is , for most of us, a lot of the other strategies out there are nothing but bandaids.

Even so...I’ve seen other people with my own eyes...overcome their anxiety. So, I knew that there had to be a way. And if it was possible for them, I knew it was possible for me too.

I threw myself at finding a solution to my anxiety…I scoured the web for every possible treatment and strategy I could find.

I bought hypnosis cd’s, read books and joined forums.

I tried thought stopping, positive affirmations and distraction techniques too.

I tried reassurance, thought analysis and even meditation.

But nothing worked.

So, I did what a lot of people do and I finally bit the bullet and I went to see my doctor. Now, I’d always tried to stay away from prescriptions because I’ve seen and heard so many horror stories. But after seeing the effect my panic attacks had on my wife and family...I knew I had to do something.

And just as I had expected my doctor was more than willing to write me a prescription. He even asked me what took me so long. I shrugged, grabbed the prescription and walked out.

But I didn’t fill it right away.

I waited a few days and then finally got enough courage to go fill it.

And I have to first I really thought it was helping. I hadn’t been feeling nearly as much anxiety. In fact, some days I didn’t feel any at all and so I thought maybe I’d found my answer.

Could It Really Have Been THIS EASY All Along?

Unfortunately for me…the answer was no.

And instead of making me feel better, they made me feel worse. Like a zombie completely void of emotion. So instead of NOT feeling the anxiety, worry and fear I simply didn’t feel anything.

And to make matters worse...

Within a matter of weeks, my anxiety returned with a vengeance.

And my thoughts of living a normal life free from panic attacks vanished into thin air.

I was frustrated, because I’ve seen medications work wonders for others…

But for me...

No matter what I did…which medication I tried…what techniques I used...

My brain simply wouldn’t respond.


Instead, I Experienced A Wide Range Of
"Common Side-Effects"

I gained weight

I was emotionally void and unmotivated

I was tired al the time

I became isolated and more withdrawn

I stopped leaving the house (only doing so if absolutely necessary)

I went back and forth to my doctor, read more books, watched more TED Talks and listened to more podcasts

You name it I tried it... But NOTHING worked.

I felt like giving up.

But I couldn’t…

How was I going to function -- and my poor wife -- what was she supposedto do? Stay home and become a hermit with me? No way!

And I’m so glad I didn’t stop searching...

Because I Made An
Incredible Discovery That
THOUSANDS Of People From All Walks Of Life Are Now
Using To Melt Away Anxiety, Relax Their Minds And Calm
Their Emotions.

Because I Made
An Incredible
Discovery That
THOUSANDS Of People From All Walks Of Life Are Now
Using To Melt Away
Anxiety, Relax Their Minds And Calm
Their Emotions.

I had already spent what seemed like a lifetime searching the web…

I owned just about every self-help anxiety book there was….

I’d tried hypnosis and my CD collection of meditations and mind tricks made me look like some sort of nutjob. Not to mention all of the digital downloads.

But up to that point, still nothing had worked.

Then I had an idea…

I remembered in one of the forums I visited, there was a thread about acupuncture. So I went back and read it again.

There were tons of success stories and people were saying that acupuncture really helped...with some even going as far as to say it was the ONLY thing that helped. It’s the one thing that I had never tried.

For some reason the thought of hundreds of tiny needles being poked into my flesh...kind of turned me off...So I never really considered it. Plus, it seemed a little too out there for me, I always considered myself a more mainstream medicine kind of guy…

But At This Point
What Did I Have To Lose?

But At This Point
What Did I Have
To Lose?

So I decided to find an acupuncturist in my area.That the very least I could check it off the list of things that didn’t work.


So I hopped online and started looking around. I specifically searched for someone who had experience with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Finally settling on one with a ton of 5 star reviews who specifically mentioned anxiety on her website.

I called her office and made an appointment for the following day.

My first session went a lot better than I had expected! To be honest, I could hardly feel the needles thanks to the doctor administering them - she was extremely knowledgeable and had been in the field of eastern medicine her entire career - nearly 40 years of experience! And it showed!

My anxiety was on full display that day but it quickly melted away during that first session.

She used a combination of acupuncture and essential oils and I have to say... I walked out of her office feeling like a new man!

In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how calm I felt. And that feeling lasted the whole rest of the day.

Unfortunately, the next day I could feel my anxiousness returning. It was a particularly stressful day at work and by the time I made it home I was inches away from another melt down.

The following week I had my second appointment and it went just as smoothly as the first.

Luckily, my second session went just as smoothly.

That calm, peaceful feeling returned and this time I felt even more relaxed.

And the experience lasted for days…

Then the next week on my third session something strange happened…

It stopped working.

After my session, I walked out even more anxious and worried than when I walked in...

I was frustrated to say the least.


And I couldn’t help but feel that something was off. The session seemed different. I racked my brain trying to figure out why, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Over the next few appointments it was the same thing. I’d walk in stressed and anxious and leave feeling no different, which caused me even more stress, anxiety and worry.

Would I ever be able to live normally?

Would I ever find relief?

I was ready to give up, but for some reason I decided to go in for ONE last appointment. I was fully planning on cancelling the rest of my sessions.

However, as the session wrapped up, I felt amazing!

What was different, why did this time make me feel so good, so calm and so at ease? As if I didn’t have a care in the world?

Then it hit me…

After The Second Session She Had
Stopped Using The Essential Oils

That was the ONLY difference.

So I asked her why she hadn’t been using them, half expecting her to tell me it was simply part of her protocol or give me some sort of scientific answer…

But she didn’t.

Instead, she simply said:

“I ran out”...

Turns out, she makes her own essential oil blend and she had run out of one of her primary ingredients. That was the ONLY reason she hadn’t used the essential oils during the other sessions.

And that day she’d just made a fresh batch!

I couldn’t believe wasn't acupuncture at all that was working for me.

It Was The Essential Oils ALL ALONG

I explained to her what had happened, how my symptoms returned when she stopped using the oils and how that day I was ready to cancel everything. I told her how great I was feeling and how calm and peaceful my mind was and how incredible her essential oils were.

At first she just stared at me, with a blank look in her eye.

Then like a flash...her eyes lit up and she began to talk very excitedly…

"I had been using essential oils for years and my incredible discovery began when I read a paper done at Yale University."

What she read blew her away and that’s when she started experimenting with essential oils.

See, the Yale researchers found that our sense of smell has a profound effect on our emotions.

Simply put, certain smells can have an immediate and lasting effect on the brain.

In one study done at Mie University School of Medicine Trusted Source

Deng, Cynthia. “Aromatherapy: Exploring Olfaction.” Cropped-YSM-Wordmark-Only-Black-High-Res.png, 16 Nov. 2011,

Go to source
researchers discovered that patients with depression who used citrus fragrance treatments needed less antidepressant medications.


In another study done at the University of Vienna Trusted Source

Lehrner J;Eckersberger C;Walla P;Pötsch G;Deecke L; “Ambient Odor of Orange in a Dental Office Reduces Anxiety and Improves Mood in Female Patients.” Physiology & Behavior, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source
scientists found that when certain oil scents were used in dental clinics, patients felt less anxious.


The doctor explained how when you smell a certain oil, some molecules dissolve in the mucus lining on the roof of the nasal cavity.

There, the molecules stimulate olfactory receptors otherwise known as your smell receptors.

Olfactory nerves then carry the signals from the receptors to the olfactory bulb, which filters and begins processing the input signals of the scent.

From there something called a mitral cell then carries the signals from the olfactory bulb to the olfactory cortex, which is a part of the brain that helps you perceive and recognize the scent.

But that’s hardly where it stops.


See, the mitral cells also go somewhere else.

They carry the signal from the scent to other areas in the brain and the most important for us is an area known as your limbic system.

It’s a set of brain structures that deal with emotions and memory.

More specifically stress, fear and anxiety.

You probably already know that stress and anxiety have become a normal part of our daily life.

In Fact, According To The ADA, Anxiety Affects
40 Million Adults
In The United States - That’s 18.1% Of The Population Or Nearly
1 In 5 Adults!

In Fact, According To The ADA, Anxiety Affects
40 Million Adults
In The United States - That’s 18.1% Of The Population Or Nearly
1 In 5 Adults!


And in this past year it’s only gotten worse.

A recent poll indicates that the number of adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety has gone from around 11% in 2019 to 41.1% as recent as January 2021.

So what causes so many people to be affected by stress and anxiety?

Certainly some of it can be attributed to recent world events but it’s much more complex than that.

See, for hundreds of thousands of years, humans didn’t have the same types of stress we do these days. Work, commuting, social media etc...

Instead, the two main stressors humans faced were finding food and making sure they didn’t become food. And when our brain thinks we are in danger, it responds to help us stay safe.

That’s the flight or fight response in action.

And it usually goes away after we’re safe or calm.

The problem is that modern stress and anxiety have now been shown in clinical studies to be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

In fact, the human brain has hundreds of neurotransmitters (naturally occurring chemical messengers) that relay information throughout the brain. Stress and anxiety can be a result of just one of these neurotransmitters being out of balance, specifically the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, noradrenaline, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).


(Mood Transmitter)

Contributes to well-being & happiness along with helping our sleep cycle & digestive system regulation.


(Pleasure Transmitter)

Triggers feelings of pleasure, addiction, movement, and motivation. People tend to repeat behaviors that lead to dopamine release.


(Focus Transmitter)

Affects attention & responding actions in the brain, and is involved in fight or flight response.


(Calming Transmitter)

Calms firing nerves in CNS. High levels improve focus whereas low levels cause anxiety.

And when it comes to stress and anxiety…

Imbalances in THESE four neurotransmitters usually affect one area of the brain's limbic system specifically...

An Area Called The Amygdala

The amygdala is a collection of cells near the base of the brain. There are two of on each side of the brain.

This is the area where emotions are given meaning, remembered, and attached to associations and responses to them (emotional memories).

And when this area becomes overactive due to an imbalance in these four brain chemicals...our body's natural response is to increase cortisol production - and cortisol as you probably know is a MAJOR trigger behind the feelings of stress and anxiety.

And as you're about to discover...

This area of the brain can then become the dominant driver behind your emotions cutting off your rational mind and making you fearful and worried.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but the science was clear. It was simple anatomy and chemistry and it had the potential to change everything.

Just think how much better life would be if we could simply immediately cancel out our negative feelings of anxiety?

You wouldn’t worry about going out in public.

You wouldn’t panic everytime you’re in a crowded place... get lost on the freeway... or as in my case get lost looking for the bathroom.

You wouldn’t need to waste your time with methods that don’t work.

Or put your health at risk with prescription drugs.

That’s why these findings are so important.

As I dove deeper with the doctor she told me that..

"I had to go one step further to really unlock the mind calming and anxiety reducing potential of essential oils that the Yale paper hinted at."

She then began to rattle off a complex brain circuit that when activated immediately calms down the mind…

...sort of like a switch it turns your anxiety off.

I said...

Oh you mean sort of like an "Anxiety Killer"?


"See, from my training I decided to take a closer look at the science behind aromatherapy so I could really understand why this research wasn’t being shouted off the rooftops."

What did you find?

"It seemed too simple. Pharmaceutical companies make way too much money selling mental health drugs..."

"Money they don’t EVER want to give up."

So she spent even more time analyzing the brain and really looking into the science of how our brain responds to essential oils.

But it was all worth it.

Because she discovered something truly incredible.

It’s Called An
Amygdala Hijack

It’s a term that was first used by the famous psychologist Daniel Goleman. And it happens when a situation causes your amygdala to hijack control of your body’s response to stress.

During an Amygdala Hijack, your amygdala disables the frontal lobes of your brain, which are involved in problem solving, spontaneity, memory, impulse control, and social behavior.

Put simply, the frontal lobes allow you to process and think about your emotions. When you sense any sort of danger or stress, your amygdala wants to immediately activate the fight-or-flight response. At the same time, your frontal lobes are sifting through the information to determine if the danger or the stress is really worth freaking out about.

Their job is to create the most logical response to it.

For example, when the threat is mild or moderate, your frontal lobes usually
override the amygdala, and you respond in a calm and rational way.

But during an Amygdala Hijack, our body's increased cortisol production starts to curb nonessential functions in order to prepare us for "fight or flight" mode.

And without the frontal lobes, you can’t think clearly, make rational decisions, or control your responses.


In Other Words... Control Of Your Brain Has Been
"Hijacked" By The Amygdala

An amygdala hijack is brought on by the overproduction of two key stress hormones: cortisol and adrenaline. These are the hormones released by your adrenal glands that prepare you to either fight or flee.


Cortisol is a steroid hormone. And it prepares your body to physically react to the stress by either fleeing or fighting.


Adrenaline on the other hand stimulates your body and gets it ready to respond to the threat.

When fear and worry dominate, your stress response becomes “hard-coded” in your brain. Which means lots of cortisol and lots of adrenaline are constantly flooding your system.

And high levels of these hormones can interfere with those four brain chemicals I mentioned earlier.

In the British Journal of Psychiatry Trusted Source

Cowen, P. J. “Cortisol, Serotonin and Depression: All Stressed out?: The British Journal of Psychiatry.” Cambridge Core, Cambridge University Press, 2 Jan. 2018, ression-all-stressed-out/766A58A46F537EA85FB5CB9AEDF33552.

Go to source
researchers identified specific correlations between high levels of cortisol and dysfunction in both serotonin and dopamine activity.


And in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience Trusted Source

Jie, Fan, et al. “Stress in Regulation of GABA Amygdala System and Relevance to Neuropsychiatric Diseases.” Frontiers in Neuroscience, Frontiers Media S.A., 14 Aug. 2018,

Go to source
researchers found a link between chronic stress and reduced GABA function, specifically in the amygdala.


So everytime we experience anxiety, worry or a full blown panic attack, stress hormones are released that can alter our brain chemistry.

The more it happens the more efficient the amygdala becomes at overriding our frontal lobes.

So How Can You Stop An Amygdala Hijack?

The fastest and easiest way is to activate your frontal cortex. This is what a lot of the mental techniques try to do.

Unfortunately, because we’re in the middle of a panic attack or high levels of anxiety it's often hard to engage your frontal lobes sufficiently enough.

But there is hope…

You see, researchers have discovered that essential oils have a direct path to your frontal lobes through the olfactory nerves. Trusted Source

Soudry, Y., et al. “Olfactory System and Emotion: Common Substrates.” European Annals of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Diseases, Elsevier Masson, 11 Jan. 2011,

Go to source

That’s because the primary olfactory cortex or (POC)which is the area of the brain that processes your sense of smell is continuous with the anterior portion of the frontal lobe.

So instead of you trying to think your way out of an anxiety attack.

The essential oil aroma goes directly to the frontal lobes.

In one recent study published in the journal Cerebral Cortex Trusted Source

Strauch, Christina, and Denis Manahan-Vaughan. In the Piriform Cortex, the Primary Impetus for Information Encoding through Synaptic Plasticity Is Provided by Descending Rather than Ascending Olfactory Inputs,

Go to source
neuroscientists discovered that your sense of smell has the ability to conjure up pleasant memories through its connections with the frontal lobes.


What that means is that pleasant odors like those associated with essential oils can help soothe anxiety by helping you re-experience pleasurable memories.

What’s more...

Olfactory stimulation can directly activate amygdala neurons, bypassing the primary olfactory cortex altogether. Trusted Source

Krusemark, Elizabeth A, et al. “When the Sense of Smell Meets Emotion: Anxiety-State-Dependent Olfactory Processing and Neural Circuitry Adaptation.” The Journal of Neuroscience : the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience, Society for Neuroscience, 25 Sept. 2013,

Go to source

In other words, using essential oils gives you not one but TWO different yet equally powerful pathways to calm your anxiety.

In doing so, activating your “Anxiety Killer” and stopping your panic attack dead in their tracks.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

She had just explained more about my lifelong anxiety than anyone ever had. Even my own doctor!

It wasn’t my fault.

Amygdala Hijack was the real and undeniable reason why constant worry, stress and anxiety often got the best of me… and why I couldn’t stop my panic attacks no matter what I tried.

So I asked…

How do I stop my amygdala from taking over my brain?

I was expecting her to say I needed to keep seeing her for the rest of my life or something.

Instead, the doctor told me that it was much easier than I thought…

See, I’ve spent months researching which essential oils had the most dramatic impact on the frontal lobes.”

“In fact, it has been my primary focus for the past 6 years.”

“I looked through medical study after medical study…”

Attended conferences and lectures given by some of the top alternative medicine practitioners in the world.”

As well as cutting-edge research institutions like Harvard, Stanford, John Hopkins and Yale…”

When I found something promising, I’d try it at my clinic.”

When it didn’t work.”

I’d go back to the research.”

Until she eventually uncovered an essential oil combination that worked consistently every time to deliver the peace and tranquility every patient that walked into her clinic was desperately looking for.

The one catch…

She had to blend it herself.

You see, essential oils are simply plant extracts made by capturing the compounds inside of the flowers, bark, leaves or fruit of a plant.

And it can take several pounds of a plant to produce a single bottle of essential oil.

That’s why she would often run out.

Plus, due to the expense and time necessary the batches she did make were small and she used the oils sparingly.

Just moments after explaining this, she excused herself and told me she’d be right back.

A few moments later, she came back with a small dark colored bottle which she then handed to me. As she did, she asked if I would do her a small favor.

She explained that she had never intended to use the essential oil blend as a standalone treatment.


But after hearing about my experience and how my anxiety went away only on the occasions when she used the oil...

She Wanted To See Just How Powerful Her Essential Oil Blend
Really Was...

She explained that inside the bottle was the essential oils blend she’d been telling me about…The same one that she used on me.

She told me to simply place a few drops on the back of my neck, a drop behind each ear and on my temples first thing in the morning and if I was having a particularly stressful day use a small amount with a diffuser.

Do that, she said...and your “Anxiety Killer” should stay turned up high.

I was so desperate to rid myself of the crippling anxiety and panic attacks...And now finally it sounded as though I was holding the real key to a calm and peaceful mind.


I decided to start fresh with the oils the next morning.

And that night it was almost impossible for me to fall asleep, I was truly excited to test her essential oils out.

The next morning, I opened the bottle at my dining room table and using the dropper...added a few small drops to the back of my neck, my temples and behind my ears.

Just from the scent you could tell these oils were pure.

And you know what? I didn’t expect it to work so fast! But, after applying the oil...I immediately felt a sense of a calm wash over my body.

All day, I felt so relaxed.

Even though it was an extremely stressful day at work. In fact, I felt so calm I thought it was just a placebo-effect…

Yet that same relaxed feeling carried on, day after day, and I stopped doubting it completely.I began to really look forward to being out and about.

Taking my wife to dinner, the movies...there was nothing off limits.

And by the end of the first week, I felt like a new man.

I hadn’t changed my normal routine. I wasn’t avoiding stress, meditating or anything like that.

I was feeling calm and in control because my “Anxiety Killer” was on!

Of course, I was still worried that something would come along and turn it back on…

Yet by the end of the second week I still felt great.

And it didn’t stop there…

Just a month after I took control of my “Anxiety Killer”, I was 100% anxiety free.

Look, I Wouldn’t Have Believed It
If I Wasn’t Experiencing It For Myself

Look, I Wouldn’t
Have Believed It
If I Wasn’t Experiencing It For Myself

My anxiousness melted away, I felt a sense of peace as I made my way through the day. I felt confident and completely in control and I felt happy.

Yet by the end of the 3rd month is when things really changed for me. I decided to take my wife and my parents out to dinner. And can you guess where I took them? That’s right...the same steakhouse where I had my “total freakout”...

And we had an incredible time.

Just a matter of months ago I could only dream of going through an entire day without feeling anxious, worried or stressed. Now, it was all gone.

Even the people at Starbucks where I stop just about everyday, commented on how much more calm and happy I looked.

I’m A Totally New Man... And I Am So Grateful!

And here’s what I love about all this.

See, I’m not a special case or one-off.

People all over the country are seeing the same wonderful results that I have!

Oh, and if you’re wondering…

These oils turn on your “Anxiety Killer” with ZERO negative side effects…

And best of all, it works for everyone!

Here’s why…

This “Anxiety Killer” breakthrough is backed by rigorous scientific evidence.

There’s been hundreds of studies looking at essential oils and the limbic system...specifically their ability to activate the frontal lobes.

Meaning...they can turn on your “Anxiety Killer”…

And help you immediately begin to feel more calm and in control.

Imagine! In just a matter of weeks, you can gain back control of your life...

Now I know what you’re thinking… it “sounds too good to be true”.

But does it really work?

I’ll let you be the judge.


I even shared it with my cousin Brian who also suffered from anxiety and it worked for him too!

Thousands of people have used this essential oils formula to regain control of their brain and stop Amygdala Hijack.

But here’s the crazy thing…

People who came to the doctor’s clinic would experience the relief associated with turning on their “Anxiety Killer” ...

And they were having amazing results.

Yet they were the only people who knew about it.

The doctor didn’t advertise her methods and she never mentioned the essential oils in her media interviews…

So millions of people were missing out on this incredible anxiety and panic attack secret.

But I’d seen how effective it is -- I was feeling so much better and I knew just how devastating panic attacks can be...

So I knew I had to get this secret oil blend into the hands of as many people as possible.

So I called the doctor and here is what I said.

You have literally changed my life. And I know from experience just how difficult life can be when you’re living with anxiety and panic attacks.

There are millions of people out there like me who suffer with anxiety right now. People who have tried everything and are still struggling.

After experiencing what these essential oils can do, I really feel like it's my duty to share it with those who need it most.

Would you please share your formula with me?

The phone went silent...and I had to check and make sure we didn’t get disconnected.

Doctor... Are you there?

Then in a serious tone of voice she said...

“I’ve never considered sharing my essential oils formula with anyone outside of my clinic.”

But after seeing your results first hand, I wouldn’t feel right NOT to share it with you! However, I have to warn you...finding sources that can supply high quality oils and then blending them in the perfect ratio is both expensive and time consuming.

If you can figure that part out, then I think you could really help a lot of people.

I thanked her for the warning and told her I was willing to do whatever it takes to make this available to everyone suffering from stress, anxiety, worry and panic attacks.

With that...she spent the next 2 hours explaining her formula to me.

Giving me every oil and their exact ratio in the formula.

Starting with...

Lavender is an essential oil you've probably heard of. Studies have shown that lavender aromatherapy may help to calm anxiety through its actions on the limbic system, the area of the brain that regulates our emotions.

In 2013, a study published by the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice Trusted Source

S;, Kasper. “An Orally Administered Lavandula Oil Preparation (Silexan) for Anxiety Disorder and Related Conditions: An Evidence Based Review.” International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source
found that lavender essential oil also has the potential to alleviate anxiety, sleep disturbances and depression.


What’s more...In the study there were no adverse side effects, drug interactions or withdrawal symptoms from using lavender oil.

The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology Trusted Source

Kasper S;Gastpar M;Müller WE;Volz HP;Möller HJ;Schläfke S;Dienel A; “Lavender Oil Preparation Silexan Is Effective in Generalized Anxiety Disorder--a Randomized, Double-Blind Comparison to Placebo and Paroxetine.” The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source
published a human study that revealed that a lavender oil preparation was more effective against generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) than placebos and a popular prescription medicine.


Plus, after the study researchers found no instances of withdrawal symptoms or adverse side effects.

Another study looked at women suffering from postpartum depression and found that the use of lavender oil in a diffuser led to a significant reduction of depression and reduction in anxiety... Trusted Source

C;, Conrad P;Adams. “The Effects of Clinical Aromatherapy for Anxiety and Depression in the High Risk Postpartum Woman - a Pilot Study.” Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source

Lavender oil has also been shown to help ease the symptoms associated with PTSD and dramatically decrease sleep disturbances, moodiness, and improve overall health. Trusted Source

Uehleke B;Schaper S;Dienel A;Schlaefke S;Stange R; “Phase II Trial on the Effects of Silexan in Patients with Neurasthenia, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Somatization Disorder.” Phytomedicine : International Journal of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source

Amazing, isn’t it? And here’s what it means for you…

It can help turn on your “Anxiety Killer” and make it so much easier for you to live your life with the stress, worry or panic associated with an amygdala hijack.

And that’s just one of the essential oils.

Vetiver is an essential oil that is less well known, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Vetiver oil is native to India and has been a staple of traditional medicine in South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa for centuries.

Known as a sacred herb, vetiver oil is valued because of its uplifting, soothing, healing and protective properties.

Traditionally, vetiver oil has been used to help induce relaxation and soothe emotional stress, ease panic attacks, trauma, anxiety, insomnia, hysteria and even depression.

A 2015 study looked at vetiver oil to determine if it could help with anxiety and had any influence on the actions of the amygdala. Trusted Source

P;, Saiyudthong S;Pongmayteegul S;Marsden CA;Phansuwan-Pujito. “Anxiety-like Behaviour and c-Fos Expression in Rats That Inhaled Vetiver Essential Oil.” Natural Product Research, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source

And if you recall from earlier the amygdala is the area of your limbic system responsible for many of the symptoms associated with anxiety due to the fact that it’s responsible for the perception and results of emotions, such as changes in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration.

In fact, during the study researchers discovered that vetiver oil altered the brain's perception and response to stress.

Cedarwood essential oil comes from the needles, leaves, bark, and berries of cedar trees.

And according to a study reported in Physiology and Behavior Trusted Source

L;, Zhang K;Yao. “The Anxiolytic Effect of Juniperus Virginiana l. Essential Oil and Determination of Its Active Constituents.” Physiology & Behavior, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source
cedarwood oil may have the ability to relax the mind and positively affect the mood suggesting that it could be very helpful in soothing anxiety, and lowering stress.

In a separate study researchers found that cedarwood oil acts as a mild to moderate sedative too. Trusted Source

Kagawa D;Jokura H;Ochiai R;Tokimitsu I;Tsubone H; “The Sedative Effects and Mechanism of Action of CEDROL Inhalation with Behavioral Pharmacological Evaluation.” Planta Medica, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source

This is why cedarwood essential oil is so often used for sleep troubles.

However, cedarwood oil can also be used for focus and concentration.

In a study performed at Brigham Young University Trusted Source

“ADHD Research by Terry S. Friedmann, M. D. (Adobe).” Scribd, Scribd,

Go to source
researchers found that using cedarwood oil could greatly improve their focus and learning capacity.

Researchers also found that both vetiver and cedarwood oil helped improve brain activity and reduced the ADHD symptoms.


Bergamot oil is made from bergamot oranges and has a strong citrus scent. And according to several studies performed both on animals and in human trials bergamot has been shown to help relieve the symptoms associated with anxiety while improving mood. Trusted Source

Navarra, Michele, et al. “Citrus Bergamia Essential Oil: From Basic Research to Clinical Application.” Frontiers in Pharmacology, Frontiers Media S.A., 2 Mar. 2015,

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You'll often find Bergamot in Earl Grey tea due to its natural calming effect. It’s often used to treat depression and helps with energy; however, it can also help improve sleep, improve relaxation and calm the mood.

Studies have also shown that bergamot can reduce cortisol levels that normally go up in response to stress. Trusted Source

CA;, Saiyudthong S;Marsden. “Acute Effects of Bergamot Oil on Anxiety-Related Behaviour and Corticosterone Level in Rats.” Phytotherapy Research : PTR, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source

One study also suggested that applying blended essential oil that includes lavender and bergamot to participants helps in treating depression or anxiety. And when compared to a placebo group, blended essential oil caused significant reduction in both blood pressure and pulse rate, and test subjects using the essential oils rated themselves as “more calm” and “more relaxed” than the control group. Trusted Source

T;, Hongratanaworakit. “Aroma-Therapeutic Effects of Massage Blended Essential Oils on Humans.” Natural Product Communications, U.S. National Library of Medicine,

Go to source

Lime oil has been shown to help improve mental clarity and reduce stress.

Lime essential oil has a stimulating aroma. It can calm the mind, enhance your focus, and bring joy and peace to your day.

If you’ve never heard of marjoram, then you’re probably aware of its close relative — oregano.

In Greek mythology marjoram was used extensively by Aphrodite, the goddess of love to make love potions.

That’s probably because marjoram calms the nervous system and soothes the symptoms of anxiety.

Marjoram has also been shown to help with blood sugar control. Trusted Source

Pereira, Andreia S P, et al. “Evaluation of the Anti-Diabetic Activity of Some Common Herbs and Spices: Providing New Insights with Inverse Virtual Screening.” Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), MDPI, 7 Nov. 2019,

Go to source
Stable blood sugar is critical to brain health and marjoram helps improve insulin signaling and tolerance.

If you’re familiar with essential oils then you’re probably aware of the fact that they must be diluted with a carrier oil before they’re applied to the skin.

The doctor chose coconut oil due to its pleasant scent and soothing aroma.

Individually these oils are powerful in the fight against stress, anxiety and anxiousness. They can be used topically for both olfactory stimulation and absorption through the skin as well as with a diffuser.

However, when combined in just the right amounts they’re even more powerful.

Now with the exact formula in hand, I spent the next several months searching for suppliers who could deliver the exact quality and quantity of each oil.

And let me tell was even harder than she said it would be...

Finding suppliers for each specific oil was complicated enough, but trying to find suppliers that only used cold-pressing or steam distillation as extraction methods to preserve the quality (and therefore effectiveness) of the oils?

That was damn near impossible. Plus not to mention the cost...

I was paying nearly $75 PER OIL. So for a single batch of this formula it was costing me over $500.00.

Now, that was still worth it to me to ensure I had the relief I was now growing accustomed to...

But I knew I could not continue paying that high of a cost, or continue to spend hours each week just trying to source the ingredients or find US based manufacturers to combine them all for me...

So I continued to work to find a solution that would be cheaper and be able to produce the formula not only for me, but at a scale that could help the millions of other people suffering from anxiety like me.

It took me a few years (all while paying the extremely high cost to produce the formula just for myself), but I finally found a partner that had relationships with a few of my suppliers who knew they could continue to source all of the oils in the formula in the US, as well as manufacture the formula in the EXACT ratios at a much larger scale, therefore drastically reducing the cost per unit.

And today I am happy to say we’ve finally done it. Now, anyone suffering with panic attacks, anxiety, fear and worry can now get their hands on their own ““Anxiety Killer” breakthrough...

So, with that being said, I’d like to proudly introduce you to...


The One And Only Custom Essential Oil Formula Designed Specifically To Turn On Your “Anxiety Killer”

Let me tell you, directly from my heart, if you want to stop being a victim to your amygdala

...and start feeling more calm, happy and confident...

… do the things you love without fear of embarrassing yourself...

…escape from the mental prison you’ve been locked up in...

… to effortlessly put yourself out there in the world without worrying about whether or not you’re going to have a panic attack…

Calm Blend IS your solution.

It’s the only product in the world specifically designed to activate your “Anxiety Killer”...

Calm Blend works.

So well in fact that you should see a difference the first time you use it.

No matter how anxious, stressed or panicked you feel.


In fact, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that you feel calm and care-free, just like when you were young.

Next, you should experience an increase in confidence knowing that no matter what the day can handle it.

With each extra day that goes by, you’ll look in the mirror at a person who is living life on their terms.

And take it from me, there’s nothing better than seeing the real you.

You’ll notice a bounce in your step.

You’ll be happier.

The fear, worry and stress seem to fade into the background or maybe disappear altogether.

But my favorite part? Is that in as little as 7 days of use, your friends, family, and colleagues will start to notice a difference.

They won’t be able to hold back the compliments.

And they’ll definitely ask you what you’re doing differently.

When you tell them, if you decide to...they won’t believe that it’s so easy!

And even better, as I mentioned before since we're producing Calm Blend at a very high scale to keep up with demand, the cost of producing a single unit dropped substantially...

Gone are the days of me paying $500 just for a single batch of this formula...

My Partners At Himalayan Health Were Able To Get The
Price Down To A Point
I Never Thought Would Be Possible...

My Partners At Himalayan Health Were Able To Get The
Price Down To A Point
I Never
Thought Would
Be Possible...

I went from paying $500/month for relief.

Now? I’m not even paying $300...

Or $200...

Hell, I’m not even paying $100 or $75...

Because they are producing thousands of bottles to try to keep up with demand, and are ordering each ingredient in such bulk, they were able to get the price down to just $19.00 per bottle! And that bottle lasts about a full month!

Even better, they worked with me to see how I was using the formula. I told them I'd apply a small amount to my temples, back of my neck, or sometimes my wrists or feet - really any pressure point. They came up with the idea to start bottling Calm Blend in a roll-on bottle making it ridiculously easy to use no matter where you are.

This roll-on bottle has a small metal ball at its tip, allowing you to simply open the cap and roll the oil on any pressure point on your body.

This was a game-changer for me - now I had the relief of Calm Blend, but I could take it wherever I would go. If I was feeling even slightly anxious I'd just pop the bottle out of my pocket and roll a little bit on my neck and temples and within a few minutes that anxiety was gone!

It won't take long before you join the thousands of people who are now raving about Calm Blend because of their incredible results...

Because turning on your “Anxiety Killer” by activating your frontal lobes is the key to effectively reducing your anxiety and eliminating stress...and as the research shows certain oils work better than others.

And now you can find them all inside Calm Blend.


Since Launching Calm Blend The
Results Have Been
Nothing But Amazing

Since Launching Calm Blend The
Results Have Been
Nothing But

I can’t wait for you to try it.

You’ve already seen how the oils in Calm Blend have changed my life.

…you’ve seen the proven science behind every oil included inside Calm Blend…

…and now thousands of people are raving about this “Anxiety Killer” breakthrough…

So let me ask you a question…

How will you be feeling a month from now?

I want us to be as honest and truthful as possible, so I need to tell you…

It would break my heart to see you miss out on this opportunity.

Because the truth is, if you don’t get your hands on Calm Blend today then I’m not sure what will change …

With each month that goes by, you could still be fighting a
losing battle against your amygdala…

You could still be trapped by fear, worry, anxiety and stress.

And you’ll always look back and wonder what your life could have been like
had you not been a victim to your anxiety attacks.

God knows I hope you don’t ever feel the fear and worry that everyone in a
room is staring at you in your most vulnerable moments.

Yet it doesn’t need to be like this.

With Calm Blend, you can fight back against your amygdala and start feeling calmer and more at ease right away.

It’s all because of the “Anxiety Killer” breakthrough, and the proven oils inside of Calm Blend.

And here’s some great news:

Because you’ve proven you’re committed to ending your anxiety once and for all by reading this far, I’ve convinced my partners here at Himalyan Health to allow me to reserve our next batch for readers of this letter.

In fact, the very next batch of Calm Blend is reserved specifically for you…

… ...but you must act now and while supplies last.

Calm blend is so powerful and so effective that the word has already got out…

Men and women across America are discovering this incredible formula for themselves…

Unfortunately, this often means that demand sometimes outpaces supply...

And Calm Blend is always at risk of running out of stock...

Which means people are forced to wait until the next batch is produced.


But as long as you’re one of the first people who order today, you’ll be guaranteed to receive your very own bottle of Calm Blend...

Though I urge you to be quick.

This batch will be snapped up in no time at all.


It’s guaranteed you’ll start to feel less stress, anxiety and worry within a matter of weeks. Our team here at Himalyan Health will get your order of Calm Blend in the mail as soon as you reserve your bottle.

It usually takes just 3-5 business days to arrive.

When the delivery man knocks on your door, I’m sure you’ll want to tear open the package and try it for yourself right away.


So go ahead.

Use the convenient roll-on applicator and apply it to your neck, behind your ears, your temples, wrists or wherever you like to put your essential oil.

For best results you’ll want to use the Calm Blend everyday.

When you do, you’ll notice a difference with each day that goes by.

You’ll feel more relaxed than ever.

The worry, stress and anxiety that usually follows you around will begin to melt away.

Within the first month, people will be telling you that you look different.

More relaxed and at peace.

After 3 months, people will be amazed at your newfound confidence.

Your friends, family and colleagues will wonder what the heck you’re doing.

And after 6 months, you should feel amazing and the stress, anxiety and worry will feel a million miles away.

Yet, If You’re Not
100% Amazed...

If your family and friends AREN’T telling you how different you seem. How much more confident and outgoing you are...

Then I promise to offer you a full, prompt refund at any point within your first 60 days of using Calm Blend.

We won’t even ask you why.

Simply put, you ONLY pay if you’re totally convinced it works for you.


Sound Good?

Then place your order of Calm Blend by choosing from the packages below. Just click on the package you want. You’ll be taken to an order page to review your order.


1 Bottle



+ $4.95 U.S. S&H




3 Bottles



+ $4.95 U.S. S&H

Normally: $57.00

Save 20% ($11.40 discount)


5 Bottles




Normally: $95.00

Save 40% ($38.00 discount)

You risk nothing by trying Calm Blend today, yet you could feel better and more at peace than ever.

Of course, I’m convinced you’re going to see life-changing results within days.

And that your transformation will only continue to get better over time.

In fact, I’m living proof of it!

Yet, the best results come from longer use…that’s when your results go from great to INCREDIBLE.

That’s because of something known as “plasticity”.

Let me explain…

Have you ever seen a road out in the middle of nowhere that hasn’t been used for a while? It gets run over with weeds and grass and is hard to see.

But when a road IS used a lot, those weeds and that grass disappear. The road becomes more visible, easy to find and easy to use.

The same thing happens in your brain. The more you use the essential oils the more efficient those nerves that carry the scent to your frontal lobes become. And the more powerful your“Anxiety Killer” becomes too.

See, after 3 months, you should begin to notice a significant sense of calm and well-being. Your brain will begin to change.

Your friends, family and colleagues will BEG you to share your bottle of Calm Blend with them. In fact, they’ll pay you any price!

And after 6 months, your brain should now be working better and more efficiently at keeping your amygdala in check.

Bottomline is, the longer you use it, the better your results could be.

That’s why I’ve created a special deal to make it as easy as possible for you to get the full power from Calm Blend.

When you order today, you have the choice of a 1-month, 3-month or 5-month supply.

Of course, you’re welcome to choose any option, though I’ve decided to give you a bigger discount by securing your 5-month supply.

That’s because I want you to experience the BEST results possible -- just like hundreds of people are doing right now.

And if you’d like to save even can also sign up for our subscribe and save option. That way you’ll never miss out on a shipment of Calm Blend and you’re guaranteed to pay the lowest price.

Plus, you’re also covered by our 60 day money-back-guarantee. So even at the end of a 2-month supply, you’ll be able to get a full refund even if you’re not thrilled with how Calm Blend makes you feel.

You can have the calm sense of well-being you deserve. The peace and confidence that comes with being in control of your brain for the cost of a cheap dinner.

So I urge you: claim your bottles today.

I can’t wait to hear your success story too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calm Blend is for anybody suffering from mild to severe stress and anxiety. Because Calm Blend is made using all natural ingredients, it is completely safe to use for everybody. While Calm Blend has no known side effects, it is always best to consult your doctor before introducing a new supplement or oil into your routine, especially if pregnant or before using with children.
Calm Blend is specifically designed to work quickly, because we know how important it is to get relief right away when you need it most. Most users have reported Calm Blend effectively reducing their stress and anxiety levels within 30 minutes of use, however that is dependent on delivery method. For the quickest relief we recommend application via diffusion or topical use. As with anything, consistency is the key to really reap the full benefits. Each bottle is specifically designed for one month of use (approximately 10 drops per day) - if you're running out before 30 days, or have excess left in the bottle after 30 days try to adjust your usage accordingly. Users see the biggest benefits using about 10 drops per day.
Calm Blend is incredibly easy and discreet to use! The two most effective ways to use are diffusion and applying topically. To diffuse, simply add 5-8 drops to a diffuser with water and run for at least 30 minutes. For topical use, rub 5-8 drops of Calm Blend on any pulse point (inner wrists, back of neck, temples, etc).
No! Calm Blend was specifically designed to not require a prescription unlike many other stress and anxiety remedies. Every ingredient in Calm Blend is 100% natural and backed by numerous studies showing relief for stress and anxiety. But just because Calm Blend does not require a prescription does not mean it is not powerful enough to provide relief! Each ingredient was carefully chosen to help relieve stress and anxiety and along with being all natural, Calm Blend is produced with 100% pure therapeutic grade ingredients.
Our return policy is simple and hassle free. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may return any unopened bottles within 60 days. No questions asked!