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Why Choose
Stress + Wellness

Scientists have concluded that stress and immunity are "bidirectional," meaning increased stress negatively impacts our immune system, and immune responses can negatively impact stress (typically why you feel more stressed when you are fighting a cold/flu). With this in mind, we added Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 to our Stress+Wellness formulation to support our immune health while combating stress and anxiety.

No prescription needed

Thanks to powerful anti-anxiety characteristics found in specific plant extracts, anxiety relief is now possible in an all-natural form, meaning no addictive medications, and no prescription needed!

Powerful immune support

With 5,000 IU's of Vitamin D3 per serving, Stress+Wellness is formulated to boost your immune system while fighting anxiety. Studies show Vitamin D is effective in reducing the risk of developing the flu, decreasing the risk of heart disease, fighting disease, reducing depression, and boosting weight loss in addition to reducing anxiety and depression*.

What's Inside


(Black Pepper Fruit Extract)
5 mg


(As Calcium Carbonate)
210 mg

Vitamin D3

125 mcg

Vitamin K2

(mk-7)(As Menaquinone)
100 mcg

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stress+Wellness for?
Stress+Wellness is for anybody suffering from Vitamin D deficiencies or those who get less than 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight per day. Because Stress+Wellness is made using all natural ingredients, it is completely safe to use for everybody. While Stress+Wellness has no known side effects, it is always best to consult your doctor before introducing a new supplement or oil into your routine, especially if pregnant or before using with children..
How quick does it work?
We recommend using Stress+Wellness for a minimum of 60 days to see best results, but Vitamin D is important to take daily especially if you are vitamin D deficient..
Do I need a prescription?
No! As with any of our products, a prescription is never required..
What's your return policy?
Our return policy is simple and hassle free. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may return any unopened bottles within 60 days. No questions asked!.


Simply put, we want you to find relief that works for you and we are here for you every step of the way - from producing our products only with high-quality ingredients, to providing you with tips and tricks to help your journey to an anxiety-free lifestyle.

60 Day Money
Back Guarantee

We want everyone to find stres relief. If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason simply contact us within 60 days for a full refund.

Manufactured in
a GMP compliant facility

All of our products are produced in a cGMP compliant facility right here in the United States. This ensures the consistent quality and safety of our products.

Bottled & shipped
in the United States

Each step of our manufacturing & order processing takes place right here in the United States. All orders are shipped directly to you from our Florida warehouses.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

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